Our Approach

Whether you are seeking traditional financial advisory services or family office solutions, you can expect a client experience from us that is highly personalized in many ways:

  • Developing customized solutions based on your specific goals and objectives
  • Acting as a financial quarterback for your affairs, including coordination with any external advisors you may have Meeting on your terms and time frame
  • Providing the highest levels of confidentiality, integrity, and accountability from every professional in our organization

We collaborate with you so we understand your priorities and the intricate details of your financial situation. To that end, you can also expect an investment strategy that encompasses the following:

  • Creating an asset allocation strategy to enhance returns and control risk in your portfolio by opportunistically allocating assets within various asset classes
  • Investing in a full range of asset classes for appropriate diversification to protect client portfolios from volatility and the unexpected
  • Continuously stress testing your portfolio as a risk management measure to understand how extreme market and non-market scenarios could impact achievement of your goals
  • Ongoing review and refinement of your investment program to accommodate your ever-changing needs and changing market dynamics

How We Help

Claybrook Capital was founded in response to a growing need for a fully comprehensive financial services firm in this market. We deliver financial advisory solutions adhering to “best practices” employed by the team over the course of their collective experience at leading wealth management organizations.

Clients choose Claybrook Capital for several reasons:


As a registered investment advisor, we are fiduciaries who operate under strict SEC guidelines that include a moral and legal obligation to place client interests ahead of our own. We do not accept any fees or commissions from fund managers for any investment recommendations we make to our clients. We take great pride in our ability to always do what’s best for our clients.

Holistic approach

We offer fully coordinated and comprehensive wealth management to meet evolving family and business needs. We tap into our deep knowledge in the fields of investments, taxation, and estate planning to provide fully integrated wealth management solutions. For our family office clients, who may need additional support, we help ease the administrative burdens of managing their financial affairs while enhancing reporting functions and overall controls for their wealth.

Single point of contact

We are a discreet, well-informed firm that can streamline, integrate, and oversee the complex moving parts of your finances. We work with your team of advisors and third-party service providers to coordinate the timely execution of your financial affairs.

Boutique setting

As a small, specialized firm providing the expertise found at premier wealth management institutions, we offer a highly customized consumer experience for all of our clients, whether they have traditional wealth advisory needs or more sophisticated needs that require the expertise of a personal CFO.

Confidentiality and Safety

Confidentiality, integrity and accountability are key values of Claybrook and are instilled in our culture. We take pride in protecting your personal information and take extra due care to be sure your information is secure. You should rest assured that we do not share anything beyond our four walls. We utilize Fidelity and Schwab who are two of the largest custodians in the world.


Beyond all the numbers and details, we love helping people and simplifying their lives.