Our Mission

Claybrook Capital is an independent, employee-owned firm built on a set of client-centric core beliefs by which we operate daily. Our independent wealth management model serves the specific needs and interests of wealthy individuals, families, and foundations.

We founded our firm with the goal of assisting our clients in every aspect of their financial journey. The journey of achieving financial stability and growth can be difficult and time-consuming, if one tries to manage it alone.

Our mission is to provide unbiased comprehensive financial counseling.

No one plans to fail, they simply fail to plan. We are your partner in this process and journey.

"Having run both Boston and NYC marathons, I believe that the planning process is similar to a marathon, not a sprint. It should be functional and adaptable over the course of a client’s lifetime. It is not one and done — it is something that should evolve as life circumstances and financial needs change for a client. It is a relationship process as much as it is a financial-planning process — maybe even more so." ~ Jerry Nigro, Founding Partner

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