Why Claybrook Capital?

Our business model is conflict-free. Our professionals are world-class. Our team-based approach, both internal and external, produces a work environment and culture that is centered on consistently serving the best interests of our clients.

The name Claybrook Capital originates from a long winding road in our home state of Massachusetts. It is symbolic of the journey we all take through life with twists, turns and unexpected obstacles. Our experience working in Private Wealth Management for over 30 years has given us an experienced eye to view the global landscape. We have helped our clients navigate through the tech bubble of 1999 and the United States housing bubble of 2008. We have weathered market cycles from the best to the worst conditions and have always found a way to serve our clients.

Who We Are

Claybrook Capital is a SEC Registered Investment Adviser based in Wellesley, MA. 

Objectivity and Independence are paramount

The cornerstone of any successful advisory relationship is objectivity. Our firm is owned and operated exclusively by our employees. This structure of ownership and independence ensures that neither we, nor our recommendations, are influenced by anything other than your best interests.

Collective Experience is Essential

High-value advice comes from the wisdom of collective experience. Our service model is built upon this team approach and has been recognized for excellence by our peers. We believe financial wisdom is gained through collective experience and are pleased to let our hindsight be your foresight.

Discipline is Required

Consistent, long term results are best achieved with a proven and disciplined approach. Our financial consulting process is built around this concept, which enables our clients to remove emotion from their decision making. This approach provides the necessary structure and practices; yet can be customized to respond to each client's unique objectives.

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